Do I need to sell all my South African assets when I emigrate financially?

Expats often presume they need to dispose of assets when financially emigrating. The financial emigration process has no impact on selling or otherwise disposing of any assets. This is simply not the truth, including that you do not have to cash-in on policies or retirement preservation vehicles. Those who spread miss-information hereon are often certain providers who make money from the withdrawals. There is a capital gains tax (CGT) event, which is a pure tax event and does not impact the holding of an asset.

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) has complex rules, and this is very much our expertise. Our niche is to properly plan, or exempt, the capital gains tax liability, thus ensuring an optimal and tax compliant outcome. There is no CGT on fixed property in South Africa, loan accounts, certain types of shares, trust interests, cash in bank and a wide range of private assets.