Tax Non-Residency Letter – What To Do When SARS Rejects Your Application?

The obtaining of a SARS Non-Resident Confirmation Letter is a key part of the tax roadmap for many of our clients. This is where SARS formally confirms that you are non-resident for tax purposes. They run a system and check to make sure that they relinquish their world-wide taxing right, as this is not something […]

Countdown to the Commencement of the Amended South African Expatriate Tax Law

The announcement by National Treasury and SARS in 2017 that the tax exemption on South African expatriates is set to change, has resulted in the lifestyle of many South Africans, who are employed by companies abroad, to rapidly change from a South African tax liability point of view.

What is the difference between emigration and immigration?

Immigration (physical relocation) – to another country from South Africa. Emigration (financial emigration) – from an exchange control perspective, is the financial exit from South Africa. On completion of this process your financial status in South Africa changes from resident to non-resident.