Financial Emigration & Relocation from South Africa to Abroad

Financial Emigration SA specialises in assisting South Africans who wish to leave permanently or have moved abroad and are living outside of South Africa on a permanent basis, with this complex and often time-consuming process.

When relocating from South Africa, should you have any financial assets (including retirement policies) it is necessary for you to complete your financial emigration through the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) after which you may move your assets abroad.

Financial Emigration SA has a highly specialised team with experience across a number of different fields allowing us to offer expert advice across the board.  Our team includes Emigration Specialists, Certified Financial Planners, Master Tax Practitioners, Chartered Accountants, Actuaries and Attorneys.  This uniquely enables us to facilitate your complete financial emigration as well as the recovery of any financial assets such as retirement savings and tax income.

It is important to note that financial emigration is a formal process with the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) to change your tax status from “resident” to “non-resident” for exchange control purposes. It however does not affect your South African citizenship status.

The more complex part of financial emigration is often the Emigration Tax Clearance Certificate that is required. Most people assume that because they have left the Republic they are no longer required to file their annual tax returns with the South African Revenue Service (SARS).This however is not the case if you have any South African source income and as such, when applying for your tax clearance certificate it may show that you have a number of tax returns outstanding which must then be brought up to date before SARS will issue your Emigration Tax Clearance Certificate.

We have partnered our offering with a leading financial institute to offer you the best possible currency rates once your financial emigration is complete and you are ready to move your money out of South Africa.

To begin your emigration process please complete our short online assessment and we will be in touch with next steps.