Financial Emigration: Requirements and Misconceptions


There is a lot of misinformation circling in the South African expatriate community about the amended expatriate tax law taking effect on 1 March 2020 and the process of Financial Emigration. We often have clients approach us where they have been subjected to scaremongering or solicited by “one-man” bands promoting their own agenda.

South African Expat Tax - Your Questions Answered By The Experts


With South Africans who live or work abroad facing the imminent introduction of “expat tax”, there has been a lot of scaremongering and confusion. Recently the expert tax team at Tax Consulting South Africa kindly offered to answer SAPeople members’ questions. Here you will find a selection of the questions submitted and answers by Jerry Botha, Managing Partner […]

Brace For The Expatriate Tax Exemption

If there was any doubt amongst taxpayers, especially South Africans working abroad, National Treasury, on 6 March 2019, categorically confirmed that it is forging ahead with the implementation of the amended section 10(1)(o)(ii) (“the Expat Exemption”).

Budget Speech 2019 - OECD's Common Reporting Standard leaves no place to hide

Budget Speech 2019 – OECD’s Common Reporting Standard – Nowhere To Hide

National Budget Speech – OECD’s Common Reporting Standard – Nowhere To Hide The Budget Speech is just one of the times where a tax attorney shows their worth. Instead of just reviewing the headlines, a tax attorney should be delving into the budget proposals, current policies and policy adjustments. The need for an in-depth review […]

National Treasury opens door for more discussions on expat tax

National Treasury opens door for more discussions on expat tax

National Treasury has invited key stakeholders to a workshop early next month to address continued concerns around the amended foreign income tax exemption. The change is set to become effective on 1 March 2020.

Tax Residency and Financial Emigration: Everyone is an Expert

Financial Emigration Ceases Tax and Exchange Control Residency The process of “Financial Emigration” terminates your tax residency status with the South African Revenue Service (“SARS”) as well as your status as exchange control resident with the South African Reserve Bank (“SARB”). The SARS process includes a verification or “audit” procedure, as financial emigration is not […]

Offshore tax exemption to be reviewed

Offshore Tax Exemption to be Reviewed

The controversial tax on income South Africans earn abroad and the R1 million exemption on it will be revisited during a special workshop between National Treasury and industry players in coming weeks.

Countdown to the Commencement of the Amended South African Expatriate Tax Law

The announcement by National Treasury and SARS in 2017 that the tax exemption on South African expatriates is set to change, has resulted in the lifestyle of many South Africans, who are employed by companies abroad, to rapidly change from a South African tax liability point of view.

South Africans Abroad: Tax Requirements

The new expatriate tax law comes into effect 1 March 2020. However, many South Africans abroad believe that the law has not been legally amended and will thus not affect them. This belief is unfortunately incorrect, as the law change has been fully enacted. We have provided a concise breakdown of the tax law above […]

Tax Compliance For Expats

Financial Emigration or Double Taxation Agreement? Which suits your situation better? When it come to choosing Financial Emigration (FE) or a Double Taxation Agreement (DTA), expatriates must understand that there can never be a one-size-fits all approach.

Panic, Uncertainty about Expatriate Tax Law

Tax practitioners say their clients remain panicked and concerned about the ‘expat tax’, despite National Treasury adopting a relatively softer stance. “I see a lot of panic coming our way,” Bari Duvenhage, personal tax specialist at Regan van Rooy, told delegates at the Tax Indaba.

South Africans abroad: Know you tax affairs

South Africans Abroad: Know your Tax Affairs

Incorrect information and advice from tax practitioners, or in some cases South African Revenue Service (SARS) officials, has resulted in the misunderstanding of complex South African expatriate tax legislation, which has landed many South African in deep water with SARS.

South Africans are emigrating abroad in record high numbers

South Africans are emigrating abroad in record high numbers

According to experts operating within the field of emigration, South Africans are expected to break emigration records in 2018. Speaking to 702 Talk Radio, the manager at Financial Emigration, Jonty Leon, discussed the sharp spike in the number of South Africans looking to relocate abroad.

Common Reporting Standard - What is it and why should I care?

What is CRS and why should I care?

What is CRS and why should I care? Jurisdictions that have agreed to and signed the recently implemented “Common Reporting Standard” (CRS) are obligated to obtain pertinent financial information from their financial institutions and automatically exchange this with other jurisdictions on an annual basis. Put simply, if you are living in a jurisdiction that has […]

SARS update: Ordinarily Resident

Sars Update – “Ordinarily Resident” – South Africans abroad, do you pass the test?

The term “ordinarily resident” is not defined in South African legislation but has been interpreted by South African courts for almost a century when dealing with tax law matters. The South African Revenue Service (“SARS”), in 2002, released an Interpretation Note (“IN3”) that assisted taxpayers in understanding the term, and which considered case law as […]

Deceased estates inheritance planning for South Africans abroad

Deceased Estates – Inheritance planning for South Africans Abroad

A death of a family member is never a topic that is likely to be discussed nor a discussion that is wanted however a reality that one needs to prepare for in future. Preparing for such events is key for a smooth transition in the closure and pay-out of deceased estates and inheritances.

South African expats: Is your South African passport at risk?

South African Expats – Is your South African Passport at Risk

There appears a remarkable amount of misinformation flying about between South African expatriates abroad on when you can legally lose your South African passport. Is there any truth in that as a South African living and working abroad, you cease South African citizenship and must hand in your South African passport?