New Tax Bills Published

New Tax Bills Published: Five Key Proposals

National Treasury published the latest Draft Tax Bills on 28 July 2021, which incorporate the tax proposals made in the 2021 Budget. Highlighted below are 5 key changes proposed by Government that taxpayers need to be aware of.

5 Top Tips For Expats To Make Themselves Tax Ready

5 Top Tips For Expats To Make Themselves Tax Ready

Adding to the challenges of 2020, the South African Revenue Services (SARS) announced that it did not make its annual budget.

Working Remotely Abroad

Working Remotely Abroad: Not As Simple As Packing Your Bags And Leaving

Remote work has become the norm for many employees and professionals alike. Along with the growth of the ‘gig’ economy, which surged during the Covid-19 pandemic, the most remarkable change is the flexibility and mobility of remote working employees, who can criss-cross the country and global borders without taking a day’s leave.

Avoid Tax Wolves In Sheep's Clothing-6 Things To Look Out For

Avoid Tax Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing: 6 Things To Look Out For

Post-Covid economic resurgence saw an increase in international work opportunities. With skills in hand, many South African professionals have become sought-after in other countries. As a result, their finances and subsequent taxation have come under scrutiny. However, along with the awareness of tax complications, another threat has emerged.

Planning for Exit

Planning for Exit

With the world’s recent and continuing lockdowns, in view of the ever-present Covid-19 pandemic, more and more South Africans are considering moving abroad (or having their children move abroad).

Recent Changes To FE Leaves Banks In The Dark

Recent Changes To Financial Emigration Leaves Banks In The Dark

“From blocked accounts, to financial freedom, and back to blocked accounts.”

Through The Looking Glass

Through the Looking Glass: SARS Audits on Offshore Assets

South Africa has a history of taxpayers making use of offshore structures in order to conceal their assets and income. Taxpayers have long believed that these arrangements were beyond SARS’ reach, but will they stand the test of time?

Declaration of Cease To Be A Tax Resident

Declaration Of Cease To Be A Tax Resident

On Thursday 3 June 2021, SARS issued its guidance on what ceasing South African tax residency involves, by posting its “Cease to be a Resident” webpage. This is a welcome initiative that may clear up any misconceptions and dispel any advice peddled in the market that this is simply a matter of ticking boxes.

Disappearing Exchange Control

Disappearing Exchange Control

We have seen significant changes and adjustments to the exchange control policies with National Treasury steadily reducing exchange controls for individuals seeking to send money abroad, particularly in the last 15 odd years.

Non-Compliant Expats In Africa Headed For Tax Showdown With SARS

Non-Compliant Expats In Africa Headed For Tax Showdown With SARS

South African expatriates who ignore their tax obligations will soon find themselves in hot water with SARS.